Auction 116 Special ethnic auction- rare collection of Islamic and Jewish items. among the items: The Ruti ofer's collection ( widow of Yuli Ofer)

By Alma

Feb 9, 2020
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Alma auction house is very proud to present a very special auction of ethnic objects textiles and jewelry from different countries periods from very special collections. 

A rare collection of Ethnic Jewelry from important collections

The auction catalog is comprised of several main collections. The collection of Rutie Ofer gifted to her 20 years ago by her late husband Yuli Ofer. The collection was previously displayed in Her home up until recently. Her collection consists of both Islamic and Jewish jewelry with a strong emphasis on Yemenite silversmithing and Bukhara crafts. In addition, the collection of the late Yossi Binyaninov. An important dealer and collector of Jewish and Islamic, ethnic jewelry and material culture. Yossie was the first antique dealer in Jerusalem and integral in the safekeeping and cataloging of many important historical items. Much of his collection is in the Israel museum, Islamic Museum in Jerusalem and in the Metropolitan museum of art in New York There are several items from the estates of suzie eban. dan ben amotz and shulamit aloni .There are also 19th century kipot from the late Elise Davis.

The items were sourced by alma auctions and will be curated in an international catalog and go up for sale in the beginning of February. The items have been researched by the Alma team and accurate descriptions as well as historical background for the items will be provided for the buyers. Many items from Bukhara( including gold wedding tiara) Yemen( including enormous silver and coral  Jewish wedding necklace) Turkmenistan tribes ( 60cm  silver pendant for a horse) Iran- ( 19th century enamel amulet  holder as well as many Jewish magical amulets) Morocco-  ( a 18th century megillat ester with Moorish architectural motifs.

In recent years with new wealth coming to much of the Islamic world we are seeing a phenomenon of private museums opening displaying the rich heritage of the Islamic material culture. Many Muslims are trying to understand their heritage and are collecting material influenced by Islam to enrich the narrative of their private collections.

Simultaneously we are seeing the last stage of integration by the diverse ethnic Jews in Israel ( Tunisians, Moroccans, Yemenites, Bukhara, Iraqis, Iranians etc) into a more Homogeneous Israeli culture. With this has come a push in trying to understand the material culture and general history of “The Edot”

Much of the Jewelry we wear and much of the Jewelry we see being designed has been directly influenced and inspired by the the items represented in this catalog. Whether it be the cast filigree earrings influenced by Yemenite craftsmanship we see on many young Israelis or the the more bold, large colorful beads sold in clothing stores, influenced by African and Central Asian jewelry.

It is important to note that a collection of this sort, both rich in its quality and diversity, comes to the open market about once in every 25-30 years. Many of the items in the catalog can still be worn by modern man or woman. some are more fitting to be displayed as part of the design of a living room and others will surely end up in public and private museum throughout the world. Wherever these cultural treasures end up, one thing is certain; the Alma team is honored with this rare opportunity to source, research, curate and finally present this collection for sale to the general public.

The people and their collections represented in the auction 

-Suzie Eban- Wife of Aba Eben Israeli politician - An Iranian 22k gold and turquoise choker

- Ruti Offer- Widow of Yuli Offer, Israeli business man- 

- Yossi Binyaminov- Collector and first antique dealer in Jerusalem -Magical  silver amulet collection

- Dan Amotz-  Israeli radio broadcaster, journalist, playwright, and author, as well as a former Palmah member. embroidered childs garment(bib)

- Elise Davis - hand woven (with silver wire) Kipot from 1880-1950

\Shulamit Aloni- Israeli politician- A finely embroidered Palestinian dress from Hebron.

Many of the items 300 items in the auction catalog are of Museum quality and parallel items exist in:

-The Metropolitan

-Israel Museum

-Islamic Museum

-Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow

-Diaspora museum

and much more

*Alma international auctions specializes in researching individual items as well as whole collections. Every three months Alma builds a finely curated auction which goes up for sale internationally. They ship world wide to collectors, enthusiasts and Museums. The items are sourced from all over Israel, Researched and evaluated then put up for sale. 

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