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LOT 42:

Rare Hebrew Classic: Beis Elokim - Mabit, Venice 1576. First Edition.

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Rare Hebrew Classic: Beis Elokim - Mabit, Venice 1576. First Edition.
A complete copy of Beis Elokim, one of the most fundamental ethical works ever published. This work, written by R. Moshe b. Joseph di Trani (1500-1580) is divided into three chapters and deals with: Prayer (“gate of prayer”), Atonement (“gate of atonement”) and Maimonides’ thirteen principles of faith (“gate of the fundamentals”). Also includes a concise commentary on Perek Shirah.
Interestingly, this third chapter is titled two different names in two different places. On the title page it is referred to as “Gate of Ikkarim”, meaning the main, important principles, implying that only thirteen principles are truly fundamental and all others are less. In the actual text however this is changed and instead referred to as the “Gate of Yesodos”, which implies that although Maimonides’ thirteen principles of faith are fundamental, nevertheless they are not the “main”’, or Ikkarim specifically versus other fundamental principals. This theme is dealt with at length throughout this chapter.
Very rare. The Perek Shirah supplement is included from a different copy (unbound). 
In very good condition. Printed on crisp, white paper. Light water stains seen on some pages at lower margin area. 
[1], 120, [6]; 10 pp.
Vinograd, Venice 610.
Stefansky Hebrew Classics 499.

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