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By Judaica
Dec 7, 2021

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LOT 2:

Ornate Chanuka menora by renowned artist Mauriciu Samuel

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Start price:
$ 3,800
Estimated price :
$5,000 - $7,000
Buyer's Premium: 24%
VAT: 17% On the full lot's price and commission
Users from foreign countries may be exempted from tax payments, according to the relevant tax regulations

Ornate Chanuka menora by renowned artist Mauriciu Samuel
Mauriciu Samuel, is a third generation family jeweler and Judaica artist
 Goldsmiths. Mauriciu Samuel was born in Bucharest in 1957 and immigrated with his parents
 To Israel in 1959. As was customary at the time, the goldsmithing profession passed
 From a white father. After the family immigrated to Israel, the father established a small workshop
 In the center of Tel Aviv, where the mother also contributed her talent as a designer and painter.
 Mauriciu Samuel learned goldsmithing on the knees of his father, Meister Samuel Leo
 Zl. Studied engraving and carving with the artist Rabbi Yasha Ben Zion, and in placement
 With Master Pinko Solomon.
 After graduating in civil engineering, he enlisted in the IDF and completed his service
 The military with the rank of major. In 1986 he began designing and manufacturing objects
 Art in the field of Judaica.
 His works are characterized by traditional content alongside techniques used in the community
 Silversmiths throughout the ages. Mauriciu Samuel designs a unique product
 And exclusive, bearing on its back ornaments, pictures, paintings and passages of verses
 From the sources and performed essentially by hammering
 Goldsmiths. Alongside Judaica objects of a more traditional nature, his education and background
 Family, rooted and personal allow him to design relics
 Jews are accepted as three-dimensional works with technical characteristics
 Prominent, which are often taken from the material world around us.
 His works are in the great collectors of Judaica, in well-known museums
 And in synagogues around the world

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