Postwar and Modern era O gauge Lionel trains
Jan 29, 2022
1951 W Division Rd Fowler Indiana 47944, United States

Toystrainsandotheroldstuff LLC is pleased to offer a great selection of prewar, postwar and modern era Lionel O gauge trains and accessories. Photos to come on the website of some of the highlights which include 2190W, 1605W, 1631WS, 2161W, 1464W, 2526W, 2528WS, 2283WS, 2247W, 1562W, 2171W, 1609 and 507 boxed sets, 2330, two 2332, two 2340 and two 2360 GG-1 electric locomotives in original boxes, F-3 sets to include 2243, 2333, 2343, 2353 and 2383 Santa Fe, 2333, 2344 and 2354 New York Central, 2345 and 2355 Western Pacific, 2363 Illinois Central, 2367 Wabash, 2368 B&O and 2378 Milwaukee Road, great groups of matched boxed passenger cars, lots of boxed freight cars, many boxed accessories, modern era Lionel locomotives, a few groups of operator grade Lionel postwar and more.
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LOT 22:

Lionel postwar O 6646 6656 6656 6112-1 freight cars in

Sold for: $100
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$ 5
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$5 - $60
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Lionel postwar O 6646 6656 6656 6112-1 freight cars in
Lionel postwar O 6646 orange stock car, 6656 light yellow stock car, 6656 dark yellow stock car and 6112-1 black canister car in original boxes. The light yellow stock car is unrun, the rest show light to moderate run time and are all C7 in good to very good original boxes.