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LOT 14:

A Jewish soldier's certificate in the armies of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia - World War I

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A Jewish soldier's certificate in the armies of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia - World War I

Personal Identity card of a Jewish soldier who served in the armies of Nicholas II Emperor of Russia during World War I.

The certificate bears the portrait of Nikolai - the last emperor of the Russian Empire, and the filling of the soldier's personal details with the detail of the year 1914.

In the Czar's army, about half a million Jews served, the highest number of Jews in World War I armies and many of them fought in the front against Jews in the German and Austro-Hungarian armies. Some even volunteered for combat positions to emphasize their loyalty. During the war the Russians had no suitable plans for partial mobilization, and on July 31, 1914, Nicholai made the fateful move and ordered general mobilization. This led almost immediately to a German war declaration, and Russia's entry into World War I. On the eve of the war on August 1, 1914, he found Russia unprepared for the impending confrontation. The war began with heavy Russian casualties and lost territory. Nikolai felt that it was his duty to lead his army personally, taking on the role of commander-in-chief of his uncle, Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich Jr. (in September 1915) after the loss of the Russian part of Poland. On December 22, 1917, Soviet Russia signed a ceasefire with the Center Powers and actually left the war.

39 p. 18 cm. Stains. Good condition.