Auction 4 Eretz Israel, settlement, anti-Semitism, Holocaust and She'erit Ha-Pleita, postcards and photographs, letters by rabbis and rebbes, Chabad, Judaica, and more
Jan 22, 2020
1 Abraham Ferera, Jerusalem., Israel

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LOT 44:

'Polish Judaism, which has been a cornerstone for our people and our country, is facing annihilation and ...

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'Polish Judaism, which has been a cornerstone for our people and our country, is facing annihilation and extinction' - a rare poster in collaboration with all streams in Israel: The Agency, the Chief Rabbinate, and the great Admorim

'To the Yishuv in the Land' - A dotted banner addressing the Jewish settlement in the request for assistance to Polish Jewry: "A holocaust that was not like it came to Poland and the Jews living there, it was destroyed by Hitler's Germany and divided between it and Soviet Russia". Rarely participated in the declaration all the streams in Israel: the heads of the Jewish Agency, The Greatest Admorim from Husiatin, Chortkov, Beyan, Bahush, Sadigura, the Chief Rabbis of Eretz Israel, and Mayors of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. sentences representing each of the streams in Palestine were included: "The largest group of the Jewish people in Europe, a center for Torah and Designation, a strong fortress for aspiration of the Redemption, a pioneering building of the Land of Israel - is about to be destroyed by torment and endless torture". the declaration appeals to the Jewish community in Palestine, especially to those who originate from Poland, to assist the committees collecting funds for Polish Jews, and to donate to the great cause.

Size: 29x21 cm. Very good condition.

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