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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 13:

Siddur for the Entire Year. Venice, 1598. Extremely Rare

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$ 700
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$1,500 - $2,500
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Siddur for the Entire Year. Venice, 1598. Extremely Rare

'Prayers for the entire year per the Ashkenazic community custom.' Siddur per the custom of Western Ashkenaz (custom of Ashkenazim in Italy). Yiddish instruction for prayer, in Tze'enah U'Re'enah lettering. Venice, Juan Di Gara Press, 1598. Lacking the title page and seven leaves. Lengthy notation in Italian script at the end of the first part regarding the birth of a son to R' Ya'akov Tordus, 7 Iyar, / 13 [!] April 1690.

The siddur includes prayers for weekdays, Shabbat, the three festivals and the high holidays; Torah readings for Mondays and Thursdays and festivals. Yotzrot hymns for special Shabbats. Passover haggadah. Pirkei Avot, and more.

Early and especially rare siddur. Listed in Mif'al HaBibliographiah per copies in the Valmadonna Library and in a private collection. The copy from the Valmadonna library is presently in the National Library. (There are no other copies of this siddur there.) This is not the same siddur listed in the book HaMadpis Juan di Gara by Haberman-Yudlov, no. 155.

The complete copy includes 192, 116 leaves. This copy lacks the title page and another seven leaves. The missing leaves are 1-4 (these leaves are completed by professional photocopy), 9. In the second pagination, leaves 36, 37 and 112 are lacking. There are also leaves that are blemished and partially lacking: 5, 7, 8 (in the first pagination). 16 cm.

Moderate- fine condition. Aging stains. Taped reinforcements in the margins of several leaves. Antique leather binding.