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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 33:

Kovetz Shiurim by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman. First Edition. Rare Copy

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Kovetz Shiurim by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman. First Edition. Rare Copy

Large volume of issues of Kovetz Shiurim - lectures by the gaon Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, rosh yeshivah of Ohel Torah - Baranowitz and one of the leading rashei yeshivah of all generations, known by the name of this book, as the author of Kovetz Shiurim. With an anthology of articles on Jewish thought, lacking in most copies. Printed in Baranowitz, 1934-1937.

First edition of the fundamental yeshivah book Kovetz Shiurim, since printed in many editions. It is quoted in innumerable books and does not leave the desks of rashei yeshivahs and Talmudic scholars. In this first edition here, the mystery that often arises among scholars is solved - what did Rabbi Elchanan see in entitling his book with the neutral name Kovetz Shiurim (unlike the other authors)? Indeed, in this first edition, the mystery is solved - the book is as its name implies, a collection of dozens of issues that have been printed over years and bound as a book, hence its name: Kovetz Shiurim [Anthology of Lessons].

The booklets were released as a series, booklet by booklet, four pages each (printed with sequential pagination). Title page in this copy: "Kovetz Shiurim: Lectures by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman shlit"a on Tractates Pesachim, Beitzah, Bava Batra, Ketubot and some of Kiddushin. Proceeds dedicated to the Ta"t Yeshivat Ohel Torah Society in Baranowitz." At the end of the volume are articles on Jewish thought, the renowned articles by Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman, articles that are the cornerstone of many subjects to our day.

These anthologies were bound before the Holocaust into a complete book. In the few copies that survived, there are differences. The body of this book, 320 pp, is the complete book. There are copies with fewer pages. Some copies have the articles on Jewish thought added, but not all of them. There are different copies, and what one has, another lacks. This copy is one of the copies with the most pages possible (aside from the copy in the Ponovezh yeshivah library).

Detailed specifications of the leaves in this rare complete copy: [1] leaf general title page, 3 anthologies marked pp. 1-13, the body of the book with 320 pp. After those are the five articles: "Ikveta D'Meshicha" - 4 pp, "Al Dvar HaChinuch U'Ma'amar Mah Lecha Nedarim, " 4 pp, "Divrei Chachamim B'Nachat Nishma'im, " 4 pp, "Omer Ani Ma'aseh L'Melech" - Part II, 4 pp, and an article in Yiddish regarding the ritual slaughter decree in Poland, 8 pp.

Fine condition. Aging stains. One leaf is detached. Lacking the back binding.

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