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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 49:

Beit Aharon. Rabbi Aharon of Karlin. First Edition. Wide Margins

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Beit Aharon. Rabbi Aharon of Karlin. First Edition. Wide Margins

Beit Aharon- Chassidut on the Torah and festivals by Rabbi Aharon of Karlin. Brody, 1875.

Chassidic words on the Torah and festivals, letters about conduct and letters from the Admo"rim of the Karlin dynasty, Rabbi Aharon "HaGadol" of Karlin, his son Rabbi Asher, Rabbi Asher's son Rabbi Aharon 'the second' and Rabbi Aharon II's son Rabbi Asher 'the second.'

The renowned Shabbat hymn "K-h Echsof" is printed on leaf 6; it was composed by Rabbi Aharon HaGadol of Karlin. This hymn was enthusiastically received in Chassidic communities, and many congregations sing it during the nighttime Shabbat meal.

There are several variants of the first edition, revised as they were being printed. The order of the leaves in this variant is: Frontispiece, full title page (including the additional line with the words: "And with wonderful matters ...), and the censor's permit on the back. The next leaf bears a "Notification that I have approbations ..." followed directly by an 'introduction' and with a 'table of errata' on the last leaf. (Refer to the article by Rabbi Avraham Abish Schorr 'Al Darkei Ketivat V'Hadpassat Sfh"k Beit Aharon in Kovetz Beit Aharon V'Yisrael Year 6 issue 1 (31), pp. 139-147).

Stefansky, Chassidut 82.

[6] 316 [5] pp, 26 cm.

Very fine condition. Light tears in the margins of the title pages. Wide margins. Magnificent original leather binding.

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