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Feb 1, 2022
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Tur Even HaEzer with the Ba"ch's Commentary. First Edition. Krakow, 1638-9. Exceptionally Rare!

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Tur Even HaEzer with the Ba"ch's Commentary. First Edition. Krakow, 1638-9. Exceptionally Rare!

First edition of the famous commentary of the Ba"ch on Tur Even HaEzer. This book was printed by the author in his home city, Krakow, including the author's preface and the famous "Kuntress HaAcharon" Exceptionally rare book! 

Tur Even HaEzer surrounded by the 'Bayit Chadash" commentary printed here for the first time. In the author's preface, he writes that while he was writing this book, the Sm"a's book Perishah U'Derishah was printed. He reviewed it and commented on it; these comments are printed in "Kuntress HaAcharon" printed here at the beginning of the book.

Important work by one of the leading poskim of all generations, printed to this day in all editions of the Tur.

Refer to the Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of Rabbi Yoel Sirkis.

Many Chassidic legends are connected to the Ba"ch's halachic decisions, and it is accepted among Chassidim to be lenient regarding chadash outside of the Land of Israel in accordance with the Ba"ch's opinion, according to a tradition handed down by the Ba'al Shem Tov: "Since the Ba"ch determined it as such, this is the Heavenly ruling as well."

Owners' signatures.

Stefansky, Sifrei Yessod 155. Vinograd, Krakow, 403.

[2], 8, 198, [1] leaf. 29 cm.

Fine-Very fine condition. Aging stains. Minimal light tears without lack, and reinforcements. New binding.

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