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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 12:

Ir Giborim by the Author of 'Kli Yakar' - Basel. 1580. First Edition

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$ 500
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$700 - $1,000
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Ir Giborim by the Author of 'Kli Yakar' - Basel. 1580. First Edition

Torah sermons by Rabbi Ephraim of Luntschitz. Basel, (Yisrael Zifroni) Press at the Ambrosio Provinio Press.

First edition of the renowned book authored by Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim of Luntschitz. The author was one of the rabbinic leaders of his generation, a disciple of the Maharsha"l. He was a rabbi, a renowned sermonizer, rosh yeshivah and av beit din in Prague at the same time as the Mahara"l and the Shla"h. He authored many books and is also known as Ba'al HaKli Yakar after the name of his book.

The author is known for his many books - Kli Yakar, Olelot Ephraim, etc. alongside this book, which was printed in many editions. This book is the first one he printed. The title page states that the author's name is Ephraim, and later on the name Shlomo was added.

130 leaf, 30.5 cm.

Very fine condition. Aging stains. New binding.