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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 38:

Di Mammes Tzava'ah. Sarah Schenirer. Extraordinarily Rare

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Di Mammes Tzava'ah. Sarah Schenirer. Extraordinarily Rare

Di Mammes Tzava'ah - book of collections for children and youth, Sarah Schenirer - on the occasion of her first yahrtzeit, 26 Adar 1936, by Gershon Friedenson. Lodz, 1936.

The book was printed for the first anniversary of Sarah Schenirer's passing.

With chapters on her life, letters, facts and essays, as well as a detailed list of hundreds of Beit Ya'akov girls.

The list was printed on the last leaves - a lengthy and detailed list of 'subscribers' - hundreds of women's names, with their places of residence across many dozens of cities and towns.

Extremely important list of a living and vibrant Judaism that was largely wiped out by the Holocaust.

Extremely rare book, including important historic material printed in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

With the addition of a Hebrew and foreign-language jacket cover, with the Mercaz Neshei U'Vnot Agudat Yisrael B'Polin emblem.

116 p, 23 cm.

Fine, Stains.

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