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Feb 1, 2022
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Tanchumot El. Salonika, David Ben-Avraham Azoviv 1578. Rare First Edition

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Tanchumot El. Salonika, David Ben-Avraham Azoviv 1578. Rare First Edition

Sefer Tanchumot El - Torah sermons by Rabbi Yitzchak Ben Moshe ibn Aruyo.

Sermons on the Torah in the matter of philosophical investigations by the author Rabbi Yitzchak ibn Ario, who was a primary disciple of Rabbi Yosef Taitchak, and a rabbi in Turkey in the time of the Maharashda"m. He also authored a commentary on Kohelet, and published Sefer HaGedarim by Rabbi Menachem Bonafo HaParpniani, with an introduction by him (Salonika, 1567). A responsum from him appears in Shu"t Maharsh"ach.

First book printed by David ben Avraham Azoviv.

Especially rare book. In Catalog Sefarim Atikim Ivri'im - Bamberger, 1954, there is an incomplete copy listed lacking two leaves at the end.

Mehlmen, Gnuzot Sefarim, HaDefus B'Saloniki no. 31.

Complete copy. With all the index leaves and the special poem with the upside-down letters.

158 leaf, 26.5 cm.

Fine condition. Aging stains. Professional restoration in the margins of the title page and the last leaf. Beautiful antique parchment binding.

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