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LOT 9:

She'elot U'Teshuvot Rabbeinu Nissim Girodni. Rome, 1545-6. First Edition

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She'elot U'Teshuvot Rabbeinu Nissim Girodni. Rome, 1545-6. First Edition

She'elot U'Teshuvot HaRav HaGadol HaGaon Rabbeinu Nissim Girodni, printed by the partners Yitzchak Delatesh, Binyamin Marniano and Antonio Balodno. Rome, 1545.

First edition of Shu"t HaRa"n printed per the only manuscript, as written by R' Yitzchak Delatesh in a gloss on responsum 2: "as we found in the transcribed book - the only one in the world."

The person who brought it to print, Rabbi Yitzchak Delatesh, wrote many glosses, several of which open with אי"ל - that is, אמר יצחק לאטאש, and in one place, where a responsum is missing, he writes the responsum himself.

In the colophon, he wrote: "Hashem's spirit flew in me as I saw the responsa by the gaon Rabbeinu Nissim that calm the souls of the questioners when they ask wise sages who cause fools to become wise and raise them up from the dust to the towering heavens, to produce this printed work to make my voice heard by the people, relating how great are the miraculous deeds that reside in the Heavens [מה גדולים מעשי נסים אשר מרומים ישכון]... '."

Rabbi Yitzchak Delatesh, who was a Torah giant, is known over the generations as the one who gave the psak to print the Zohar for the first time, in 1558. Until then, there was concern about it being printed. His activities tipped the scales in favor of the printing. Gloss in antique script on leaf 105.

Stefansky, Sifrei Yessod 268.

173 [33] p. 20 cm.

Fine condition. Light artistic completion to the top decoration of the title page. Artistic completion of the white margins of several leaves. New leather binding.

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