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Ma'aseh Nissim. Printed on Vellum. Paris, 1867. First Edition. Scarce

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Ma'aseh Nissim. Printed on Vellum. Paris, 1867. First Edition. Scarce

She'elot Rabbeinu Daniel HaBavli al Sefer HaMitzvot L'HaRamba"m U'Teshuvot Rabbeinu Avraham ben HaRamba"m. Complete book printed on Vellum.

Printing on Vellum has always been a very expensive proposition, so it is carried out for a very limited number of copies. These copies are generally designated as gifts for prominent personalities or for sale to wealthy people.

Books Printed on Vellum in the Collections of the British Library by R. C. Alston states that the British Library holds the only copy that was printed on Vellum.

This is an additional copy that was not included in the above article but leaves no doubt as to the extraordinary scarcity of this copy.

On the title page: Published with the generosity of the minister and the great one among the Jews, with the good name Rabbi Nissim Shamama, and as such the book is called Ma'aseh Nissim.

Rabbi Nissim Shamama, known as Ka'id (head of the community), was a Tunisian Jew who fulfilled the senior role in the Tunisian treasury and amassed much wealth in property, stocks, cash and valuable objects. He passed away childless in Livorno in 1873. There was a major dispute about his estate which lasted ten years. Special halachic works were printed about it.

This copy may have been printed in honor of the one who brought it to print, the Ka'id Nissim Shamama. Mif'al HaBibliographiah and the National Library do not mention Vellum copies.

[2], [1], 107, XVIII p, 21.5 cm.

Fine-very fine condition. Aging stains. The sheets were not cropped at the press. Original leather binding.

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