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Feb 1, 2022
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HaAgur. Romny, 1523. Rare

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HaAgur. Romny, 1523. Rare

Halachic decisions and customs for prayer, tzitzit, tefilin, blessings, Shabbat and festivals, ritual slaughter,  issur v'hetter, and the laws of niddah, by Rabbi Ya'akov Baruch Landau, with the book Chazon - halachic riddles and their solutions. Romny, Soncino Press, 1526.

The first edition of the book was printed in 1490, an incunabulam. This is the second edition, in which several sections were revised.

Notes from the renowned Italian bibliographer Federico Sacchi appear before the title page. He acquired the book in Berlin, in July 1887.

Federico Sacchi authored the book on Soncino Press: I tipografi ebrei di Soncino: studii bibliografici.

Owner's signature on the title page: Meir ben Shlomo Luzzani, censor's signatures at the end of the book, also in Hebrew.

In this copy, leaf [98] at the end of the indices printed in the original on only one side, in this copy, it wasn't printed; it was left blank. This leaf is not found at all in many copies, and the reason for this may be that it ends the section of indicies and is immediately followed by the section of riddles.

Haberman,  Defusei Soncino 77. Stefansky,  Sifrei Yessod 256.

[102] leaf, 20 cm.

Fine-very fine condition. Aging stains. Some of the titles are cropped by the binder. Beautiful new fabric binding.

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