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Feb 1, 2022
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LOT 41:

Mishlei with Peirush Rabbi Emmanuel. Naples, 1487. Incunable. Wide Margins

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Mishlei with Peirush Rabbi Emmanuel. Naples, 1487. Incunable. Wide Margins

Sefer Mishlei im Biur MiRabbeinu Emmanuel MiRoma. Naples, Yosef ben Ya'akov Ashkenazi Guntzenhozer Press. 1487. Incunable.

The text of Mishlei appears in vowelized block letters, surrounded by the commentary in Rash"i script. First edition of this commentary.

The Chid"a recommended this commentary as the best commentary on Mishlei, as he wrote in Shem HaGedolim, Me'arechet Sefarim II, Kuntress Acharon, Ot Aleph: 'I heard that they say the commentary to read on Iyov is the Ralba"g; it will quench his thirst, and on Mishlei, one should read Peirush Emmanuel and for Tehillim, Peirush HaRada"k.'

Printed without a title page. The author's preface is printed on the first page, and the commentary starts in the middle of the second page, with the word "Mishlei" appearing in large letters in an illustrated border.

Antique inscription on the first leaf.

Moshe Chalfin's stamp.

Aharon Freiman, Otzar L'Melechet HaDfus HaIvri HaRishonah B'Meah HaChamesh Esreh. Jerusalem, 1968, 58 A.

[104] leaf, complete copy. 19x26 cm. Wide margins.

Fine condition. Minimal tears in the white margins of individual leaves, restored without damage to text. Light dampstains on some of the leaves, with mold marks. New leather binding.

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